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Most recently, I have written my first novel, Be My Friend. It's set in Darkbridge, a fictional place in leafy Surrey, UK, where nothing bad should ever happen. The genre is psychological suspense. 

Previously, I've written both fiction and non-fiction. I started writing features for the business to business press. And latterly became a screenwriter. My commissioned fiction work has been almost exclusively in TV, writing and developing sitcom, drama, children's shows and factual drama. 


Last year my best and dearest friend became seriously ill with a depressive, psychotic disorder. She nearly died and her friends and family were close to the edge. As a result, I spent a lot of time thinking about madness, notably just how widespread it is and how it’s defined.

My novel is not a story about my friend – who is, thankfully, fully recovered. I'm writing about all of us who get stressed and have been close to that edge. It’s about how easy it is to slip into irrational thought, action and then insanity. And what happens then.